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The International Center for Professional Development in Armenia was created with the goal of providing resources to continuously improve knowledge and experience in healthcare sciences for practitioners, health professionals and biomedical technology experts. The Center relies on live conferences, online modules, workshops and simulations to offer the latest advances in healthcare to specialists, not only in Armenia and Artsakh, but also regional countries and beyond.

The center was created by collaborative efforts of Drs. Rafi Avitsian, Ara Babloyan and Gevorg Yaghjyan. They have spent many years promoting the need for quality educational programs for professionals in the region. Joining forces and collectively building on their experience they started the center with a few online lectures. Later Dr. Ara Nazarian joined the trio to lend his support to the activities of the Center. The idea to establish a nonprofit organization to provide high quality, affordable continuous medical education was well received by the Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Health and specialty societies in Armenia. ICPD is growing and continuously increasing the number of educational resources and quality conferences to physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers.

ICPD Board

Rafi Avitsian, MD FASA

Co-Founder, President, USA

Ara Babloyan, MD, PhD

Co-Founder, Vice President, Armenia

Gevorg Yaghjyan, MD, PhD

Co-Founder, Vice President, USA/Armenia

Ara Nazarian, DrSc

Co-Founder, Vice President, USA

Mikael Petrosyan, MD

Board Member, USA

Asadur Jorge Tchekmedyian

Board Member, Uruguay

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